Kernel Patch and recovery
Make a deopt
Reset roots password on a trusted system
Upgrade 10.20 to 11.0
Patch Notes
Setup PowerTrust on HPUX
File System Full
Install Ignite
My JFS notes
JFS commands in practise
Repair a mirror failure
Samba Setup on HPUX
Links to printer Help
Keep track of people that log in at odd times
Use a tape device in HPUX on the command line
Automate ftp from a windows box to the K370
Macan Computing Services Home Page
Help! My Filesystem is Full (10.xx versi
IT Resource Center
HP Year 2000 Program
IUCS Computer Systems Group - CDE Frequently Asked Questions
Training and Education
hpux-admin (1997): [HPADM] SUMMARY: How to bundle software on HPUX 10.[123]0 ?
Tape Techo
Porting software to HPUX
More ported software for HPUX
HPUX 101 - ranom notes
HPUX NIS setup
Patching HPUX with Custom Patch Manager