John S. Stile
(510) 305-3800

To find a system administrator position, reduce IT costs, increase security and quality-of-service, with open-source solutions, in a mixed platform environment by matching the right system for the right job.
Network Tasks & Technologies:
OS Platforms:
  • Linux Gentoo and Debian for 9+ year; Ubuntu 5 years; past(SuSE, Mandriva, RedHat for 12+ years).
  • Solaris (6,7,8,9) 2 years (old now)
  • HPUX (10.20,11.00) 2 years (old now)
  • Microsoft (8, 7, Vista, Win9x, ME, XP, NT4Wk, NT4S, Win2kWk, Win2kS, Win2kAS, 2k3, 2k8) 16+ years
  • OSX (10.9,10.8,10.7,10.6,10.5,10.4,10.3) 9+ years
  • Programming Languages:
  • Perl, Bash. Always learning Python. Some Javascript, C, C++, json, xml.
  • Mail Servers:
  • Qmail, Courier-IMAP, Vpopmail, EZmlm, QMVC, ClamAV, some Postfix and Sendmail.
  • Services:
  • Samba3, OpenLDAP, iptables, ipchains, DHCP, DNS, SSH, NFS, NIS, NTP, RAS, HTTPS, HTTP, POP3, IMAP, SMTP, FTP, SNMP.
  • Security and Monitoring:
  • Nagios, SNMPc, NetSNMP, RRDTool, MRTG, BigBrother, BigSister, Demarc, Npulse, Network Ups Tool, LogCheck, PortSentery, Tripwire, Nabou, Snort, Etherpeek, Ethereal, Etherape, Nmap, NetSaint, Crack, Kismet, Wellenreiter, Galglia. some HP OpenView, Cacti, AWStats
  • Web Servers and applications:
  • Apache, Resin, Tomcat5, VideoLan, uPortal, Mambo, PostNuke, phProject, Phpaga, OpenCMS, Magnolia, Covax, InfoGlue, Hypercontent, Alkaline, WebGlimpse, HtDig, SugarCRM, OpenTicketRequestSystem, Buildbot
  • Network Backup Solutions:
  • Amanda, Arkeia, ArcServ, Omni Back, NetBackup, mt, mtx, tar, star, cpio, dump, but cloud solutions are winning.
  • Network Printing:
  • Samba Printing with CUPS, Windows Print Server, EZSpooler for Unix, JetDirect.
  • Microsoft Support:
  • NT4, Win2k Active Directory, troubleshooting, OS Patches, Norton, CygWin, Visio.
  • Databases:
  • MySQL
  • Employment:
    Meyer Sound Laboratories Inc., Berkeley, CA
    Position: Associate Linux Engineer
    04/2005 - Present
    Environment: Software R&D Department for Professional Audio Equipment Manufacturor
  • Support small software engineering department, assocated services, and systems, as devops, developer, and build/release.
  • Duties:
  • Create isolated subnet (dns/dhcp/nfs/ssh/monitoring/documentation), systems for source control, bug tracking, and auto-build.
  • Provide Linux expertise for infrastructure services.
  • Create pipline for development and release of java client/server products (java, ant, tomcat, apache, mysql).
  • Convert VSS and CVS source control repositories to subversion.
  • Setup Bugzilla bug tracking, and later convert Bugzilla to Fogbugz (run in Mono on Linux).
  • Create and maintain autobuild system with Buildbot and maintain a legacy shell script autobuild system. (Builds on Linux, Win, and OSX).
  • Setup Nagios network monitoring, and write several nagios plugin scripts.
  • Create atomated user account creatin and analysis tools.
  • Create client facing interface to reset passords, retreive lost passwords, and change account information.
  • Setup systemimager cloning system for servers and distributed embeded linux development platform.
  • Create flash-based linux platform, including hard drive develoment system, compact flash production system, and CD installation system,
  • Develop a python R&D test script intto a web managed, logging, configurable manufacturing test.
  • Many other R&D projects.
  • Haas School of Business, UCB, Berkeley, CA
    Position: Contract Systems Administrator
    11/2004 and 02/2005
  • A Student Services department at University of California Berkeley. Linux Servers in a native Active Directory domain.
  • Duties:
  • Document and configure 3 Samba member servers in native AD domain w/ kerberose auth, Apache, Tomcat, JDK, ANT and MySQL, 7 CMS's (OpenCMS, Magnolia, Cofax, InfoGlue, Hypercontent, Lenya, mmBase), 3 search engines ( Alkaline, WebGlimpse, and HtDig). Wrote shell scripts, and convert scripts to work with mod_perl.
  • Syngress Publishing, Inc,
    Position: Contract Author
    08/2004 - 09/2004
  • Remote contract, Interface with editor and authors using wiki web sight.
  • Duties:
  • Research and write Chapter 5 (File Services) for the book Windows to Linux Migration Toolkit, ISBN: 1931836396.
  • Setup Samba-3.0.7 PDC (with OpenLDAP backend, winbind, cups, and POSIX ACL's).
  • Successfully implement POSIX ACL's.
  • Industrial Light & Magic., San Rafel, CA
    Position: Systems Administrator
    01/2003 - 06/2004
  • Post production special effects film house. Around 1,000 (at peak) RH7.2 Linux desktops with NFS+NIS+automount. Over 700 RH7.2 Linux cluster of dual Duron/Athlon+PXE+Linux + SystemImager. Over 100 SuSE9.1 Linux cluster of dual Opteron+LinuxBios+devfs on Angstrom blades. Most licenses handled by multiple FLEXlm license servers. Network file storage handled by Veritas cluster on paired Suns and EMC arrays (~20TB), and NetApp Spinnakers (~40TB). Backup/restore with Veritas NetBackup, ADIC robot, LTO drives, over tcp and NDMP. Networked power plugs and console ports.
  • Duties:
  • Jack of all trades. Support over 2300 processor Linux render farm and Sun and Irix servers, including network services, fixing/building nodes, custom kernel. Write support/admin/reporting scripts in perl and shell. 24x7x365 environment.
  • Pervasive Netwerks, Hayward, CA
    Position: Contract Filed Linux/Windows Support/Administrator
    11/2002 - 11/2004
  • Linux and Windows solution provider.
  • Duties:
  • Setup and 2 node MySQL Cluster 1.4.7 and convert tables from MyISAM to NDB.
  • Setup Postfix email server with Spam-Assassin and Anomy-Sanitizer on Mandrake 8.2.
  • Skyflow Inc., Berkeley, CA (technology absorbed by Cintech)
    Position: Systems Administrator
    08/2001 - 8/2002
  • Application Service Provider of an automated call-center with voice recognition in a 24X7 multi-platform (NT4, Win2kAS Wolfpack, Linux) redundant server farm. The Skyflow platform employed Dialogic voice T1 cards, Nuance voice recognition, DB2 database, several open source applications, and SkyFlow's Java code.
  • Duties:
  • Support 24x7 prod/qa/dev farm. Manage corp net (NT4/Win2k/Linux). Config iptables, Apache/Resin HTTP, DNS, SMB, NFS, Qmail SMTP/POP, and NTP. Wrote syslog-to-snmp.bash & MIB, and set pager notification. Config Cisco2620 routers in point-to-pointT1.
  • Ohlone College, Fremont, CA
    Position: Systems and Applications Administrator
    11/1999 - 08/2001
  • Information Systems department at the California Community College in Fremont supports a 24x7 large and divers network (100+ workstations and 20+ servers), including NT4, Win2K, Solaris, HPUX, and SCO).
  • Duties:
  • Inst/upgrd/patch HPUX, Solaris, Linux, NT4/W2k. Manage/patch/maint Colleague (an HR/payroll/studentrecords/state reprt/prnt checks) on HPUX. Provide standard net svcs: LDAP, HTTP, DNS, WINS, DHCP, SMB, and LPT.
  • Certicom Corporation, San Mateo, CA.
    Position: Network Administrator
    01/1998 - 11/1999
  • Information System department for company selling elliptic curve ssl code, with three networks in California and one in Mississauga Canada, linked with VPN firewalls. Each office has at least one NT4 DC, and a NT4 Domino server, in addition to DHCP, WINS, DNS, file & print services, and Norton AntiVirus servers .
  • Duties:
  • Sup 30+laptops, 8+NT/Mac srvs, Cisco2924xls, LanRover RAS, IsolationSystems VPN, ArcServe, LotusNotes, Lyris, GoldMine, Act, NortonAV. Perform IT purch, recv, fixed-assets, bids/contracts. Merged 3 company networks into 1. Manage one technician.
  • Icon Microsystems, Inc., Fremont, CA
    Position: Field Network Support/ Desktop Services
    07/1997 - 01/1998
  • Technical Service Department for a computer solutions company, selling hardware, configured systems, on-site server and desktop support contracts, and laptop repair.
  • Duties:
  • Door-to-door network, desk-top, server, and application support for NT4/Win9x. Laptop and desktop hardware support (repairs/upgrades of IBM, Toshiba, Compaq, HP). Handle RMA issues, audit and suggestimprovments.
  • Compucom @ Adobe Systems, Inc., San Jose, CA.
    Position: Technical Support/ IS
    04/1997 - 07/1997
  • Information Services department for a desktop publishing software company, with 4 buildings, and a mixed platform network, supporting development, marketing, and sales.
  • Duties:
  • Support NT4/Wn95 clients on Microsoft/Novel/Unix MAN (about 2000 clients). Phone/Field support for network drops, PCs, printers, and software. Configure, issue, and train Sales force with the Thinkpad 760 laptop. Dispatch for 10 techs.
  • Clontech Laboratory, Palo Alto, CA
    Position: Research Assistant II
  • R&D department for a molecular biology tools company.
  • Duties:
  • DNA sequence analysis and annotation with DNASIS and CADGene on MAC. DNA sequencing, splicing, cloning, and invivo expression in e-coli, yeast, and CHO cells. Publish new T-cell tumor suppressor discovery in NCBI database. Trained customers in Two-Hybrid System, and helped troubleshoot invivo expression. Wrote, monitored and trained employees in radiation safety procedures and practices.
  • Education:
    Course Work:
  • UC Davis: Bachelor of Science, Biochemistry
  • Ohlone College: Shell Programming (CS147), Unix Administration(CS148A/B)
  • Chabot College: Perl (CSCI44A Perl 1) , CCNA Semester I (ELEC 99.05)
  • UC Berkeley Ext: C Programming
  • HP: HPUX System and Network Admin I & II, Fundamentals of Unix
  • Certifications:
  • Linux Professional Institute: LPI Level 1 Exam 101 (ID=LPI000020861)
  • Microsoft: Exam 70-064: Implementing and Supporting Microsoft Windows 95
    Exam 70-073: Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 4.0
    Exam 70-067: Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0
    Exam 70-068: Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 in the Enterprise
    Exam 70-058: Network Essentials
    Exam 70-059: Internetworking with Microsoft TCP/IP on Microsoft Windows NT 4.0
  • A+ Certification: Core, Microsoft Windows and DOS
  • Favored Subscriptions:
  • Linux Pro Magazine: NOTE:Every Issue has a Distro on CD or DVD.
  • Linux Journal: After you borrow a few you get a subscription.
  • Linux Magazine: After you borrow a few you get a subscription.