Subject: Create speaker stands out of MDF customly fit your speakers for less than premade stands.
By: John Stile ( )
REFERENCE: Sturdier stands for heavier speakers
  1. 2 masks for MDF dust (very toxic).
  2. 1 box of laytext gloves.
  3. 3 Plastic drop cloths for work area.
  4. 3 sheets of 2'x4'x3/4" medium-density fiberboard (MDF).
  5. 1 box 1" flat heads screws.
  6. 1 tube of silicone.
  7. 1 tube of wood glue.
  8. 1 jar of wood puddy.
  1. Measure the speaker footprint: 12"x14"
  2. Cut (see Cut sheet for speaker_stands)
    Top: 2 of 12"x14" (Same as footprint)
    Butt: 2 of 14"x16"(2" wider and deeper.)
    Legs: 8 of 8"x23" 1/2 depth of top & Stand height minus 1")
  3. Glue & Screw Leg boxes
    Each leg = 4 of 8"x23"
    Use clamps to help keep it together.
    Pull bead of silicone along inner edges of box.
  4. Sand:
    Round all four edges of top
    Round all four edges of bottom.
    Sand edges of leg boxes.
  5. Glue & Screw Legs to bottom.
  6. Glue & Screw Legs to top.
  7. Hole saw 1" hole into center of each top (sand hole).
  8. Prime and paint.
  9. Fill with sand