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These are setup notes from various projects Good Luck! Have fun! and send me your comments.
Encrypt Disk (with LUKS and btrfs) Encrypt external disk: you plug it in, enter a password, and your filesystem is accessabile
systemd101 A few useful systemd commands
supervisor environment varaibles broken on ubuntu18.04 the packaged supervisor-3.3.1 does not respect environemtn variables
ssh101 configuring and using ssh on linux/windows
Vault setup To Manage Secrets and Protect Sensitive Data
git notes As I learn git, these are issues and fixes
osx101 little notes on using osx
diy adjustable height desk My notes on making a motorized desk 25" to 41" tall
windows Notes on using windows
GitBlit and Jenkins on Gentoo Setup GitBlit and Jenkins in Tomcat with proxy though port 80.
redshift A screen color temperature adjusting software
cmake notes As I learn cmake, these are issues and fixes
jenkins notes As I learn jenkins, these are issues and fixes
setup eclipse and subversive One spot with all the links needed to setup eclipse with subversive
MX-700 and MX-850 Universal Remote One IR remote control to rule them all, configued via wine.
fanless server Build passively cooled server
Subversion intro Basic usage of subversion
Synergy Setup Notes Covers setup of synergy over ssh, between linux boxes.
Linux Soft raid1 with grub2 on gentoo Make Raid1 with boot and root parittions on gentoo with grub2
baofeng_888s_uhf_radio Using Linux to programming Baofeng 888S UHF Radio
avr cross-compiler setup gentoo and windows Setup cross-compiler development environment for the AVR board (16c0:0479) on gentoo or windows
Downgrade glibc in gentoo How to downgrade glibc (unsupported by gentoo).
Signing OsX App Howto sign stuff in OsX
Signing Windows Apps Howto sign stuff in Windows
Setup dboostrap and schroot Better than vmware. Build 32bit env on 64bit platform.
notes on GNU make As I start using make more, notes I've accomulated.
Make patch with diff Making a nice patch requires options
udev rule to identify specific device Subject: Title: udev rule to identify specific device Subject:
Save flash movies To save a streamed flash movie to locally stored file, for future play.
Cups with Epson Workforce 635 Setup a Epson Workforce 635 in Cups on gentoo Linux
Synaptic on gentoo Ways to configure the thinkpad synaptic trackpad on linux
Xcode-4.3.2 setup How to setup Xcode-4.3.2 on OsX-10.7 (Lion)
flash_nvidia_blue Flash player with nvidia on linux causes blue people and flash to leak through other apps.
javawas passwords Location of javawas passwords
zeroconf Notes on zeroconf/bonjour/avahi
vim_help.tx using the vim editor to write code
flash_wrt54g I bricked my wrt54g and re-flash with latest openwrt 0.9 RC6
Create bootable Debian usb stick Procedure to create bootable usb flash drive wiht Debian using debootstrap
print code with enscript Printing pretty from command line with style, using enscript
command line music convertion Convert music to mp3 on command line with ffmpeg, faad, lame, mplayer
acoustid and chromaprint install acoustid acoustic figerprint tool
wizard_people_dvd_create_notes.txt Notes to create a Wizard People DVD audio+video for easier enjoyment.
javaws prefrences Where Does Javaws Store prefences, like a Username and Password
samba notes samba notes
Restore Firefox Session Restore session from a crash, lost or corrupt session.
Configure usb sound card Turtle Beach "Audio Advantage Micro II" (CM102-A+/102S+ chip) works great on Gentoo Linux.
Linux cellphone modem Send sms pages from server disconnected from network
PowerNow Throttling Powernow is AMDs method of reducing CPU speed when system isn't bussy.
lenovo n5901 xorg speical keys Setup Lenovo N5901 Wireless Keyboard for fluxbox
buildbot_setup_lin_win_mac.txt Setup buildbot master on linux and slaves on linux, windows, and osx.
evolution tunderbird firefox how to import/export addressbooks/calender/filters between evolution tunderbird, and setup defualt apps in MUA
kde4 setup Notes to configure Kde4
howto distcc and crossdev howto setup emerge with distcc and crossdev
windows101 More notes on windows
build debian kernle package how to build custom kernel on debian (5.0 Lenny)
encrypt a file This will create an encrypted file.
encrypted_filesystem This will create a read/write encrypted file system.
gentoo notes Gentoo Download, Install from live cd, create custom .emerge
motorola Razr2 V9x phonebook sync with Evolution (on Linux). Howto syncronize Evolution Addressbook with Razr2 V9x Phonebook over usb.
Generate self signed cert on gentoo quickly generate self signed cert on gentoo.
evolution exchange howto Howto configure evoltuion to use exchange:
frame buffer messages splashutils print text on frame buffer
Howto Software RAID1 from scratch on Debian. boot from livecd, create raid1, copy system to raid, and setup grub.
Howto migrat to Software RAID1 on Debian Complete notes for converting to software RAID1 on Debian Etch.
Creating a brp-pacu ebuild brp-pacu is like smaart, A dual channel FFT based Acoustic Analysis Tool.
gimp batch mode Running gimp in batch mode
mpd And icecast setup How To setup streaming audio with Music Player Daemon and Icecast on gentoo.
Setting fonts solving funny terminal font issues
mplayer_on_slow_cpu.txt Configure slow cpu system to play utube videos (clive + mplayer + xclip)
usb_flash_Drive automount Howto Make udev rule for automounting usb flash drive
mount usb memory stick. How do you get information in or out of a memory stick
Amanda Backup How to Setup AMANDA backup client and server
cifs_mount_debug_notes Steps to debug mounting a windows share
valgrind testing Howto use valgrind on full screen kiosk app.
Do It Your Self Speaker Stands Create custom speaker stands for less than premade.
Bootable FreeDOS USB Flash Drive in Linux To update the bios, I created a usb DOS boot disk in linux.
phpbb3 setup on Gentoo Install phpbb-3.0,apache-2.2,mysql-5,samba-3, with Authentication authnz_external->winbind->Active Directory
Gentoo on pico-itx Saga to build a fully funcitonal gentoo system on pico-itx EPIA PX10000
setup_netqmail_smtp_on_port_587.txt Start SMPT on port 587 using supervise and tcprules with netqmail in gentoo
nagios debian stable setup notes Setup nagios-1.3 /w mysql on debian, and nagiosgraph
Debian with lm_sensors Compile kernel for debian with lm_sensors (without modules)
wxDesigner_setup_gentoo.txt Install wxDesigner ebuild on Gentoo with overlay.
unionfs mini howto This is an filesystem exercise, to expand how you see file systems.
photrec/testdisk recover deleted photos and lost partition tables
jooconverter convert text to word files from command line.
debian This is a tail of my new-bee Debian experience with apt.
smtp_telnet_session useful for debug email servers Subject:-type subject here
Setup D-Link DWL-G132 Version A2 using ndiswrapper Steps to get DWL-G132 Version A2 working in linux using the D-Link driver for WinXP and ndiswrapper
supervise tomcat with daemontools Howto use daemontools to supervise Tomcat
disk_recovery_reiserfs.txt Recover data on bad disk with reiserfs partition. My disk is
sysfs_hotplug_udev_hal_dbus_utopia.notes.txt sysfs, Hotplug, udev, hal, dbus, and utopia project make hardare just work.
jffs2 howto Use jffs2 in a simple way
SugarCRM-HOWTO Setup SugarCRM on Debian Sarge
Setup jvmstat Monitior the jvm garbage collector
MySQL-4.1.7 NDB Cluster How-To Configure MySQL Cluster with 2 servers with multi-master, load-balanced, high-availability.
irc just some starter notes for irc
x10_CM17A Automate your power outlets
System Imager Setup and use of unix cloning suite.
Console Server Setup serial port on servers for getty and syslog info.
firefox ctrl-u clear form I love firefox, but they removed a useful shortcut: clear form text with ctrl-u.
djbdns_debian_setup_notes.txt Setup djbdns on Debian
djbdns_gentoo_setup_notes.txt Setup djbdns on gentoo
cacti_setup_notes install cacti on debian, create custom script to chart proc/net/dev, and have cacti start graphing.
openoffice_install_how-to Atomated Unattended Enduser OpenOffice install how-to
Qmailrocks Install Qmail with Qmailrocks on Debian. They made it eazy!!!
setup twiki Just some notes from my setup process.
vlc101 An introduction to VideoLan media player/server.
lm_sensors These steps will create a lm_sensors kenrel for
iptables notes description of rule syntax
nis short notes on nis
Add qmvc (and clamav) to qmail vpopmail. It's the only responsible thing to do.
firefox rocks Imagine, the Mozilla team finally hatched a "Son of Mozilla" or "Mozilla, Jr." The browsers name is formally MozillaFirebird, but I alias it to 'firebird'. It is 27Mb in size and 'Extensions' can be added on a per user basis. These are my notes setup, and some configurations.
TV-Tuner Card I had to setup my tv-tuner card (
setup pcmcia linksys WPC54G Broadcom chipset so no linux support. But windows drivers can be used with a non-free 'driverloader'
gpg101 Notes on using for gpg on linux
mplayer setup this can take a long time. rpms are faster
ClamAV + QMVC + Qmail How-To Configure ClamAV Anti-Virus with Qmail and QMVC (Qmail Virus Control).
ZoneMinder Setup a webcam on Linux to monitor your stuff.
Setup SanDisk compact wireless Thought it has prism2 chipset, only the Orinoco driver works
xntp setup configure 3 ntp servers in a fault tolerant triad.
qmail,sqwebmail, IMAP, Currior setup notes qmail,sqwebmail, IMAP, Currior setup notes
kernel2.6 Small steps to build a 2.6 kernel.
Bind how-to My notes on setting up bind
HPUX Class Notes from my class on HPUX
ipchains setup how to setup ipchains
Install_Java Install java on your system.
LDAP Setup notes hope this helps someone.
mp3 or ogg Ripping Title: nolame ripping music with nolame, cdparanoia, and scsi emulation
opennms setup notes my notes for opennms setup
phprojekt install on suse7.2 web groupware that rocks
urpmi plf mirror setup Set your Mandrake system to get urpmi packages from Pengwin Liberation Front.
printer notes2 Print to a network printer
qmail notes more qmail notes
mplayer on suse9.0 My setup notes for mplayer on suse9.0
VNC Setup Notes VNC root Xsession in Linux
favicon.ico Howto Give your site an extra icon in IE, Firefox, Opera
NUT - Network Ups Tool Have all your computers shutdown before ups goes down. One master computer has a serial to the ups. Slave computers listen to the masater.
Working on perl/mysql stuff Setup nort center
win2k101 some notes on win2k
qmail notes more notes on qmail
Limited Login I want to block users form logging in while I'm backing up a file. I
zFirst Home Purchase Found links about purchasing first home
qmail setup notes more notes on qmail
print notes Print to a network printer
postfix spamassassin anomy sanitizer setup 2 setup spamassassin anomy sanitizer on Mandrake
postfix spamassassin anomy sanitizer setup setup spamassassin anomy sanitizer on Mandrake
php scritping notes Notes from "PHP in easy steps" by Mike McGrath, 2002
pam config notes how to use the Pluggable Authentication Module
reiserfs manipulation notes I ran out of space and had to add more
outlook express backup and restore what a joke.
opennms setup notes for SuSE7.0 what I had to do to get this beast installed.
npulse setup notes npulse is an monitor of machines
nos server setup notes from setting a nis server
nfs setup notes on nfs
network monitor software all the hacks in the world
netscape calender setup setting up the calender for netscape
netscape tweek change background color of netscape
nabou setup for monitoring your systems for changes
mrtg setup cisco more mrtg notes
mrtg setup notes on using mrtg
mod_ssl (the old way) Steps to setup mod_ssl from scratch.
Disk mirrors on SuSE7.3 Raid 1+0 on Linux
Mambo setup Notes on mambo setup
Shell Scirpt Protect Doesn't really work, but try to protect your shell scirpt
JFS setup hope this helps
Linux in the Enterprise Have no idea what this is for
keytool to make cert Sun's keytool is a pain in the but, so this should help
kernel compiling more notes on kernel compiling
kernel rebuild quick notes on rebuidling my kernel with new options
jpilot how to setup/restore pda stuff with jpilot
John The Ripper setup hack your passwds
ipchains setup bare bones Quick and dirty ipchains
intel pro100 NIC teaming howto link multiple nics into one, sharing band with and falt tolernace.
ide cdrom burner setup You want to use your IDE CD writer with SuSE Linux.
heartbeat setup Heartbeat is a service checker for High Avaialability on Linux.
gphoto set Setup notes for gphoto, but couldn't get support for SiPix
Gnome101 As I have to learn about gnome, I'll add stuff here.
Fix garbage prompt for Suse 7.2 After updating some packages on my system, at lilo, I see 2 lines of junk charters before the "boot:" prompt.
fcluster setup notes fcluster is an High Availablity service manager for Linux
email2sms setup notes Useful to page your self when you get system errors
download_speed.bash Given the file name being downloaded, chart the size difference every 2 seconds.
dns commands short examples of using dns commands.
Demarc setup notes on SuSE demarc is an IDS and monitor which uses mysql, snort and apache
Cygwin Setup For SSH cygwin_sshd_Admin_setup.bash Setup cygwin sshd for ssh key authentication
Qmail Notes File layout and other setup notes
Notes on setting up cgiirc Short notes on cgiirc setup
Behind Big Sister Install notes file layout for Big Sister
Install script for Big Brother I tried to make my notes a script this time.
DLT Commands in Linux Debuggin DLT with a shell and Arkeia stuff
Arkeia setup notes Arkeia Backup Server crashed!!!! You have a dead chicken but no Egg!!!
Apache Setup on SuSE Apache reconfig for SuSE
Andrews Notes Compiling a kernel and X configuration.
Qmail Paper An overview of Qmail and vpopmail
LDAP setup notes Create your own ldap server on Linux
checkpasswd install How-To use non-system accounts for your email accounts.
Clone Linux It's so easy to clone linux, disk to disk.
Cisco VPN trouble Shooting Guide To Cisco VPN trouble Shooting
Cisco VPN Instructions for setting up the Cisco VPN client.
Thinkpad600E Linux hardeare info A good hadware description helps for configuring Linux.
qmail notes more notes on qmail
qmail notes more notes on qmail
qmail notes more notes on qmail
qmail notes more notes on qmail
qmail notes more notes on qmail
qpage setup send sms pages from the command line or a scirpt
reiserfs: fixing a Replay Failure system would not boot until I ran reiserfsck
rrdtool howto syntax to work with rrdtool
samba notes samba notes
sendmail nonroot Don't run sendmail as root:
Jetadmin setup Jetadmin was terminated the replacement was found at ....
snmp commands snmp commands on linux
snmp setup snmp server setup on linux
ssh init script my ssh init scirpt
ssh man page ssh man page
evolution: configuring mailer for konqueror setup konquieror so that it uses evoltion for email
evolution - setup opera mailer setup opera to use evolution for mailer
yast2 seutp in SuSE8 you need to configure a mirror
test openrealy test your email server for openrelay
tripwire install setting up and using tripwire
up2date on RedHat6.2 I got a free hat for this article
VMware on SuSE 7.2 fixing the 'missing header file' message.
qmail notes more qmail notes
vrrp notes Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol - a form of HA on linux
xwindows notes2 more xwindows notes
xwindows notes3 more xwindows notes
xwindows notes more xwindows notes
evolution on SuSe7.2 setup notes for evolution on SuSe7.2 could be easier