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GNOME Wireless Applet
Linux Wireless LAN Project
WaveLAN/IEEE driver
Good Links
Put Linux on your Accesspoint
Cheep antenna
Prism2Cards Make, Model, and Specs
SNMP with wireless
Tool: wavemon - simple and works well.

make; make install; /usr/local/bin/wavemon
command line driven

Tool: Kismet - found my base station

# Locate Ethereal
whereis ethereal
ls -alF /usr/X11R6/bin/ethereal /usr/X386/bin/ethereal /usr/bin/X11/ethereal /usr/X11/bin/ethereal
### Build It ###
cd kismet-1.4
./configure --with-ethereal=/usr/bin/X11/ethereal --enable-suid-root
make dep; make; make install
### Edit Configuration ###
vi /usr/local/etc/kismet.conf
### Run It ###

Tool: for aironet cards
Tool: java based
Setup Linux as a base station
Bay Area Wireless Users Group
Good links
NetStumbler is great for finding the Channel, but only works on hermes cards.
The Cisco Aironet 340/350 is similiar to the Prism 2 but not the same.
The Lucent Orinoco card is NOT a Prism 2 card. (It's Lucent's own chipset (hermes).
AirSnort and AirSniff will now work with Aironet Orinoco and Prism 2 cards.
To recover the WEP key set, passively capture 110meg to 1 gig of traffic.

Prism 2 cards include the following:

Addtron AWP-100
Bromax Freeport
Compaq WL100
D-Link DWL-650
GemTek (Taiwan) WL-211
Linksys WPC11
Samsung SWL2000-N
SMC 2632W
Z-Com XI300
Zoom Telephonics ZoomAir 4100
LeArtery Solutions SyncbyAir LN101

Hermes type cards include the following:

Orinoco (aka Wavelan Turbo, Gold & Silver)
Dell TrueMobile 1150
Toshiba 802.11b Wireless Cards
Compaq WL110
Cabletron Roamabout
ELSA AirLancer
ARtem ComCard
1stWave 1ST-PC-DSS11
Buffalo Airstation WLI-PCM-L11