IBM Family IBM ThinkPad R51
Spec Spec R51
Warantey IBM Factory Sealed with 4 Year Warranty
IBM Model Name 1836-Q7U
IBM Part Number1836-XXT
CPU Pentium Mobile 735 1.7GHz
DRIVE 80GB HDD (4200RPM Mobile Hard Drive w/8MB Buffer)
LCD 15in SXGA+ 1400x1050
VIDEO 32MB ATI Radeon 9000
CD CD-RW/DVD-R Multi-Burner
USB Ports 2 x USB 2.0
I/O Ports and Buses One (1) PCMCIA slot
WIFI IBM 802.11abg wireless(MPCI)
B-TOOTH/MODEM Bluetooth / 56K V.92 Fax/Modem (CDC)
NIC 10/100/1000Mb Ethernet(LOM)
Pointing DeviceUltraNav TrackPoint
Secure Chip IBM Embedded Public Key Chip
FireWire IEEE 1394
OS WinXP Pro
System Configuration

The following table defines the system configuration tested by KeyLabs.

Company IBM
Model IBM ThinkPad R51 1836-Q7U
BIOS Version 3.07a 2004-07-26
Processor Intel Pentium M processor 1.70 GHz
HBA 400 MHz front side bus
Motherboard Features and Capabilities Integrated Video, Sound and Network.
Display Adapters (AGP/PCI) ATI Radeon Mobility M9
Serial Ports N/A
Parallel Ports 1 x Bi-Directional
USB Ports 2 x USB 2.0
I/O Ports and Buses Two (2) PCMCIA slots
Network Interface 82540EM gigabit Ethernet Controller
Network Interface Integrated IBM 11a/b/g Wi-Fi Wireless and Bluetooth
Optical Drive Matshita UJ-811 DVD-RAM
Audio Chipset / Sound Card SoundMAX chipset 82801 DB AC\u201997 Audio i810 driver
Modem 56K V.92 Fax/modem
Hard Drive 80 GB ATA-100 Enhanced IDE harddrive
Pointing Device Built in touch point and touch pad
Miscellaneous Hardware None

Testing Results

The following table defines the hardware as tested in this system by KeyLabs, and provides the pass/fail results.

Tests and determinations are available for reference in ASCII format for immediate viewing.

Installation Testing
CD-ROM Installation   PASSED
NFS/FTP Installation   N/A
Device Auto Probing   PASSED
Base System Testing
Kernel Compatibility   PASSED
Grub Compatibility   PASSED
Heavy I/O Test   PASSED
Network Test   PASSED
Network Load Test   (Not required on Workstation Test) N/A
SMP Test   (Only required multiprocessor systems) N/A
Display Adapter
Console Compatibility   PASSED
X Server Compatibility   PASSED
Sound Adapter
Basic Sound Compatibility   PASSED
Advanced Sound Availibility   PASSED
Advanced Sound Compatibility   PASSED
Serial Ports
Kernel Detection   N/A
Setserial Compatibility   N/A
Throughput Testing   N/A
Parallel Ports
Kernel Detection   PASSED
Compatibility Testing   PASSED
Kernel Detection   PASSED
Compatibility Testing   PASSED
Compatibility Test   PASSED

Notes and Observations:


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